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An affordable solution to any computer problem


VHS to Digital
Speed-Up Your Life!
Over Heating
New, update or replace your Computer?
Speed up your life
Over heating
Have those precious memories converted to DVD or digital file.

A digital file will allow for easy back up and sharing
Speed Up PC or Laptop start-up from minutes to seconds.
Apps open in a fraction of the time.
Install a new Solid State Drive (SSD) in your PC or Laptop
#1 Laptop Killer
Dust build up in your laptop causes overheating.
We recommend a clean out at least every 2 years.
Just $65.00!!!
Custom built PC's designed to fit your needs.
New laptops.
2nd hand laptops and PC's.
Parts for upgrades.
- Home install & setup
- Motel/Holiday home
guest wireless
- Managed indoor & outdoor solutions
- Long distance point to point
- Hotspots
Backup options, Mobile phone & Tablet repair, Malware protection & removal
Ink, Toner, Cables, USB flash drives, adpaters & other accessories available
See your local team for friendly, professional advice
Affordable Computers Tasman Ltd | 98 High Street, Motueka | (03) 528 6535 |
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